Abdul Noushad Sheikh

Full Stack Developer

Resilient, innovative, entrepreneurial, and a passionate student of life, I build solutions to real-life problems.


A web site I started in 3rd year of college to help students and programmers from college to make their Web Development, Android Development, Data Mining and Feature Extraction and IOT Projects.


My idea of developing this platform was to connect with good developers from college while also to help other non-tech students for their tech projects and earn some money for my contribution to their project.


A simple web app built to quickly find jobs in India. Users enter the search term and desired state or city, and are offered job listings from 3 of the most popular job sites in India. I built JobsExplorer to help people search their desired jobs with ease and clarity.


JobsExplorer is uses Bootstrap for a mobile-first layout, with jQuery for easy page manipulation. On the backend an Express/Node.js app lives on a Amazon Web Server that acts as a middleware to scrap / make Api calls to job sites and return the information to the user.

UNI Share.in

A Web Application to help students share their books, projects and other academic related stuff with each others in a University Campus. It's a University OLX.


UNI Share is build with Python Django, Amazon RDS and Amazon S3 for real-time handling university traffic to make share and checkout listings for free. Also Uses Django-Rest Framework for mobile app. A Nginx server hosted on AWS E2 acts as a middle-man, handling backend logic and database and media updates within Amazon RDS & Amazon S3.

Tools I Use